What's PAPA plan?

Before -June 2021

  • PAPADOGE had been fooling around with Doge and other meme coins but felt he could offer something new and unique to the meme-based community.

June 2021

  • Early June: PAPADOGE team assembled to make our vision come true, leading the team by PAPADOGE and ENOL MUKS as our Dev
  • Before June 26th: The team abled to attract investors from our marketing campaign from various channels and build a strong community.
Our banners on
  • Our price skyrocketed within first few hours and our community exponentially grew within a few days
  • Our plan was to gradually grow and build our community along side with our farm and lotto but to keep up with our community growth we decide to put our 200% effort and finish the new website and our farm within 2 weeks after the presale
  • Plan for a website update to support our farm and lotto. (Will be done before July 10th)
Our draft new website
  • We realized that most of our current holders are not familiar with yield farming so we decided to change our marketing strategy. We'll focus our marketing on twitter accounts that promote farming platforms

Q3 2021 (Farm plan to start in July)

  • PAPADOGE Farm to incentivize PAPADOGE LP and fight against slippage bot
  • Farm contract auditing
  • Plan to welcome more doge family to our platform
  • PAPADOGE Lotto-Meme Ensure token could bring fun to user.

Q4 2021

  • Add long-term deflationary mechanism
  • More project for PAPADOGE and DOGEJR
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