Gov Token Launch and Farm Launch
Fair Launch, No Pre-sale
Papa's Farm launch date is set on 19th Jul 21 any changes will be announced in our official communication channel. The farm token (governance coin) name, contract address, and initial listing price will be announce at the launch time to avoid sniping bots during listing. Fair launch is our plan but also hard achieve, not everyone will be able to buy at the same price and time. Even without bots, a lot of people buying at the listing time can send token price skyrocket. Please do your own research and make your own decision when you fully understand all the risks involved and only invest what you can afford to lose. For instruction how to use the farm and user interface please refer to "How to farm" page on the FAQ section
Gov Token Launch
There is no pre-sale. You can only buy DOGEJR tokens at the count down 19 July at 15:00 UTC. The dev team will add DOGEJR-BNB liquidity, you could buy it at our Papa Farm dApp
DOGEJR-BNB: Listing 50M (5%) : 5 BNB (0.00003$ / DOGEJR token) at 300$/bnb
Please join our official Telegram group during the launch for the official contract address:
The rest of 100M of token at launch will be locked in a contract after listing, transaction will be updated right after.
Please DYOR for the price at launch, staking in our farm will also get the rewards
Farming will start 1-2 hour after Gov token launch at block 9298600. You can view the block countdown on
  • Farming Start Block:
  • Estimated Target Date:
  • No Pre-sale
  • PancakeSwap liquidity will be added at the farming start
  • Emission Rate: 300 DOGEJR/block only first 24 hours
Our Emission rate is gradually decreasing. Check our detail below
Before farming starts, you can deposit your tokens to any farms or pools in advance. But there will be no farming rewards until the start.
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